Willy T

BVI Boat Tour the Willy TWant to walk on the wild side? Then the Willy T Bar is what you’re looking for.  Definitely rated “ARRRRRGGGGGHHH,” (that’s Pirate speak for “R”) meaning it best to keep the kids away, you might consider ending your day at the Willy T Bar in Bight Harbor off Norman Island.  The Willy T Bar is not for the faint of heart…it gets wild in the late afternoon. This floating 100 ft anchored schooner has three stories (well, millions of stories if only a ship could talk) and is home to total hedonism. Famous for the 4 Shot Water Ski and body shots, just about anything goes on the Willy T Bar. You used to get a free t-shirt if you jump naked from the top deck to the waters below (google it if you don’t believe us!), but as of late, there’s a sign that says “absolutely no jumping from the decks.”  Willy T Jump British Virgin Islands It seems drunk people can’t read, or keep their clothes on, because nude bodies fling themselves over the sign from the top deck pretty frequently. Folks on the Willy T Bar have checked their inhibitions at the door, and the later it gets, the wilder it gets.  If you’re trying to make it back to your cruise ship on time, you probably won’t get the true flavor of the revelry (or if you do, you probably won’t make it back to the ship on time)…but if you’re in a villa and can stay later in the day…well, who knows what you’ll see–or do!  There is a menu, and we understand lunch is pretty good…but we’ve never seen these decks before 4pm, so we can’t attest. Enjoy the Willy T Bar!

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