Waterlemon Cay, St. John USVI

coral fan small Pirates Paradise AdventuresWaterlemon Cay, on the north side of beautiful St. John, is a small cay within Leinster Bay, and one of the island’s best kept secrets. Since you’re still in the US Virgin Islands, there’s no need to clear customs just yet. Grab a loaner set of top quality snorkel gear from our  collection and jump in! Waterlemon Cay–not Watermelon Cay–is home to sea turtles, rays, hundreds of different types of colorful fish and an unbelievably beautiful coral garden. The best way to Waterlemon Cay is by boat–it’s a long swim from shore–so it’s not typically crowded. Visitors often say snorkeling at Waterlemon Cay is a “once in a lifetime” experience.

Waterlemon Cay has a really cool history.  Because dueling was illegal in the Danish West Indies, and later in the British Virgin Islands, those determined to “defend their honour” would travel to the remote and uninhabited island of Waterlemon Cay, far from the eyes of the authorities, to settle the score.

Starfish at Waterlemon Cay USVIBetween the beach and the island, there’s a patch of seagrass where starfish dot the bottom.  They are incredibly bright orange and when the sun is shining, you can get amazing underwater shots of them.  You’ll also find green turtles, sea rays and sea cucumbers here as well.  The water becomes quite shallow in places, and in the shallow areas, you’ll swim with schools of blue tang and parrot fish. As the waters get deeper on the north and west sides of the cay, you’ll find a garden of coral sea fans and plumes in vibrant colors like purple, red, blue and orange.  Some of these corals are so intricate they look like lace handkerchiefs.  The current around Waterlemon Cay can be strong, especially on the western side of the cay; more so during new and full moons.  If you’re not a strong swimmer, keep this in mind!

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