Best Beach Bars–Virgin Islands Beach Bars

Virgin Islands Beach Bars

There’s a lot of great things to do and see in the Virgin Islands, but locals and tourists alike agree that the area’s favorite past time is hanging out at Virgin Islands beach bars. It’s not because everyone there is a lush, it’s because Virgin Islands beach bars are the coolest, most unique places in the world to meet people, relax, enjoy the sun and sand and have some fun…and of course, partake in some of the world’s best cocktails. The atmosphere is truly “come as you are” and everyone is welcome. You’ll never find a more eclectic, exotic, exciting locale and mix of people anywhere else in the world.

While there are literally hundreds of beach bars in both the US Virgin Islands and the British Virgin Islands, we’ll highlight a few of our favorite Virgin Islands Beach Bars here. For a more comprehensive list of Virgin Islands Beach Bars, visit the “Plan Yer Day” section of The truth is, there’s so many great Virgin Islands Beach Bars that it would take months to visit them all!

On the U.S.V.I. side, one of our favorite Virgin Islands beach bars is Iggie’s on the East End of St. Thomas. Iggie’s is an open air beach bar and restaurant that sits on gorgeous Bolongo Bay Beach. Tables and toes in the sand, they host the best All You Can Eat Crab Night in the world every Tuesday. As the sun begins to set, you’ll find beach volleyball, karaoke, basketball, and sports on numerous TV’s. We love the “Bands in the Sand” concerts, and it’s the best place to be for any major sporting event–Superbowl weekend, you won’t ever need to leave your barstool. On Wednesdays, Carnival Night rocks till morning. Fire walkers, broken bottle dancing, a limbo show, live steel pan calypso music, Mocko Jumbies and a Caribbean buffet make for an awesome, unforgettable Caribbean experience. On the cocktail menu, this writer highly recommends a few ‘I Wanna Iguana” drinks–banana, coconut rum and mango. They’re unbelievable! The staff is fantastic and has as much fun as the guests. You won’t want to leave–but do, because there’s a ton of great spots in the British Virgin Islands.

Last one to Soggy Dollar buys!Hop aboard Red Beard from Pirate’s Paradise Adventures and take a killer ride into White Bay. The beauty of the bay is breathtaking, but it gets better, because you’re headed for The Soggy Dollar. The Soggy Dollar is the birthplace of the Painkiller, the signature drink of the Virgin Islands, and to not try one is, well, sacrilege. We’ve heard you can actually be kicked out of the islands if you don’t. There’s plenty of hammocks to nap in, a lively group playing volleyball or the Ring Game, and always a few souls bobbing about in the warm, clear waters, drink in hand. The soundtrack is a combination of music and waves rolling onto shore, and weekends you’ll find live tunes from locals..and on occasion, a celebrity. Soggy Dollar gets its name from the way most people arrive–via boat. There’s no dock, so stick your money in your pocket and jump in to the sea and swim ashore. When you belly up to the bar, the bartenders will hang your soggy dollars from a clothesline behind them to dry in the gentle breeze. It’s awesome.

Hanging at Foxy's on Jost Van Dyke BVI Pirates Paradise AdventuresIf you’re looking for a wild time where anything goes, end the day at the Willy T off Norman Island at The Bight. The only thing calm here are the waters. The Willy T is a 100 ft. steel schooner anchored in this gorgeous bay. You’ll dock and tie up along side the Willy T–often times, there’s 5-6 boats deep and you crawl from one boat to the next to get aboard. There’s a restaurant about mid-ship, but the real fun is aft, where near naked, or fully naked visitors jump from the top deck to the waters below. Jump from the stern and be handsomely rewarded with a t-shirt that reads “Party Naked,” which you’ve just done. As the day grows longer, the party gets wilder, the music gets louder and huge amounts of alcohol are consumed. Be forewarned–this is Virgin Islands Beach Bar is for serious party-goers who are comfortable in any situation. If you’re going, go big, and do a ShotSki–their signature drink event. Four shot glasses are loaded onto a waterski and four brave souls partake in shooting them back at the same time. Someone usually ends up wearing one. Jealous girlfriends or boyfriends are not welcome, so bring your best attitude, your sense of humor and embrace this party, because its one you’ll remember for a long time–that is, if you don’t drink too much and forget!

So, if you’re lucky enough to visit the Virgin Islands, set aside a day, a week–a month–to tour the Virgin Islands beach bars. You meet amazing people, enjoy stunning scenery and create memories that last a lifetime.

Virgin Islands Beach Bars

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