St. Thomas, USVI-The Most Beautiful Place In The World

St. Thomas–The Most Beautiful Place In The World

As co-owner of Pirate’s Paradise Adventures, I’m embarrassed to say, in the dozens of times we’ve been on St. Thomas, USVI, we had never cruised through the St. Thomas harbor on one of our boats, Red Beard or Black Beard. What a mistake. When we put Black Beard in the water this May, our captain recommended we celebrate with a visit to Honeymoon Beach on Water Island for lunch, and the route to get there was through the St. Thomas harbor. The captain knew his stuff, so we headed toward Water Island looking forward to some killer burgers. We left our dock at Sapphire Beach around 11am on amazingly calm waters and headed over to the port of Charlotte Amalie, where the cruise ships come in.

St Thomas Harbor at nightPersonally, I know my way around St. Thomas pretty well. I’ve been up and down Veteran’s Drive (the main drag in town) about a thousand times. I can find just about anything on the island easily and even know shortcuts to pretty much anywhere. I’ve never come to the island via cruise ship, so I’d never seen St. Thomas the way you lucky cruise ship passengers do.

Let me pause here and say that St. Thomas, USVI is insanely beautiful. The people are awesome. The history of the island is visible everywhere, but if you’re there a lot, working, in the thick of day to day life, sometimes you forget how stunning St. Thomas is and how lucky you are to be there. I guess I had forgotten all this, just a little.St Thomas harbor pirates paradise adventures

As every ride is on Red Beard or Black Beard, this one was spectacular. My husband and his best friend had commandeered the front seats on Black Beard, so my friend and I were stretched out quite comfortably across the rear couches. We rounded the corner at the St. Thomas, USVI cruise ship dock (which had only one ship in port that morning—a miracle in itself) and before us lay the most beautiful, postcard picture city on a hill I’d ever seen. Mind you, I’ve seen it a million times, but not like this. The view absolutely took my breath away. Stunning, Caribbean colored rooflines dotted the green hills as giant white clouds floated above in an azure blue sky. A seaplane was landing in the harbor, a white frothy trail of water behind each pontoon. Sailboats floated along calm clear waters. Smiling people waved to us as they walked to the shopping area. Palm trees swayed in the gentle breeze. We all looked at each other in amazement. We hadn’t done this ride before? Why the Hell not? In a word–incredible.Virgin Islands Vacation Pirates Paradise Adventures

I’ve heard it said that sometimes “you can’t see the forest through the trees” and I’ll tell you–in my case, truer words were never spoken. I’ve always thought St. Thomas, USVI was one of the world’s most beautiful places, but seeing it as a whole, from the water, gave me a new perspective on it’s unparalleled beauty. It truly took my breath away and reminded me how sometimes, perspective is everything. I am so very lucky to not only have been to this incredible place, but to be planning a move there, where I’ll get to become part of that amazing landscape. Funny how an unexpected experience can change your outlook in a split second.

The best part of my first visit to Water Island (not including the burgers–they were fantastic) was the ride there through the St. Thomas harbor. It’s the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen–again.

St. Thomas, USVI

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