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St. Thomas Boat Rentals

Picture the Virgin Islands. Are you seeing white sand beaches, warm clear waters, emerald islands and frozen tropical cocktails? It’s a great visual, and you’d be dead-on; that’s what’s waiting for you–but there’s more to the Virgin Islands than that. There’s amazing underwater sea life, and when you visit the Virgin Islands, book a Virgin Islands Boat Charter and you may see more than you ever dreamed possible.

Besides unforgettable beach bars, powdered sugar beaches and warm crystal clear waters, the US Virgin Islands are host to Humpback and Sperm whales and Bottlenose, Spotted and Spinner dolphins during migration season. They travel between St.Thomas and St.John, and if you’re lucky, you may get to see one–or many of these magnificent creatures while snorkeling or swimming off the coast of St Thomas on your Virgin Islands Boat Charter.

Dolphins in the Virgin IslandsWhales and dolphins travel to South America through Caribbean waters to mate and calve. They pass through the Virgin Islands on their way back north to colder seas. Their calves spend the first few months of their lives in the warm Virgin Islands waters, building up layers of blubber to keep them warm in colder temperatures.

Whales and dolphins are protected in the Virgin Islands, so if you’re on your Virgin Islands boat charter and you see a whale, the captain should put the boat’s engines in neutral to let the whales pass unharmed. Federal rules require that you stay 100 yards away from the humpback whales, but don’t worry–these whales are typically 35 to 50 feet long, so you’ll have a great view of these gentle giants. Humpback whales are easily identified by their mostly while fins, and white markings on their tails–and of course, their size.

Dolphins in the Virgin IslandsEven though dolphins are protected as well, no one’s told them, because they’re playful and friendly, and love to put on a show for you. They’ll follow the wake of the boat, jumping in and out of the water, and if you’re snorkeling, they’re comfortable hanging around and sharing the water with you. They typically travel in small groups, and really enjoy the opportunity to show off, so enjoy it, but don’t touch them.

These incredible creatures travel the waters between November and May, but the most sightings occur in February and March, so if you’re on a Virgin Islands Boat Charter during these months, keep a watchful eye for whales and dolphins on your St. Thomas boat rental!

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