See The Bubbly Pool On Your Virgin Islands Boat Tour!

Bubbly Pool

Soper's Hole British Virgin IslandsWhen visiting the Virgin Islands, you’ll want to see and do all the popular tourist things–sip cocktails at the world’s best beach bars, lay on gorgeous sugar sand beaches, swim in crystal clear warm waters, enjoy incredible snorkeling and take in unbelievably beautiful scenery. If you’re lucky enough to have some extra time in the islands, there’s a few Virgin Island secrets you should explore.

The best advice, and not that big of a secret, is to take a St. John Boat Rental to take you, your friends and family to the destinations you want to see. The local captains know the places to go to show you the best of the islands, and they can get you to the best secret spots in record time. If you rent your own St John Boat Rental, you can spend as much time at each location as you want. A captained St John Boat Rental is absolutely the best way to see the islands–and it’s an experience you’ll never forget.

Once you’ve done all the popular stops, go deeper, to a closely guarded secret location that most visitors miss. It’s called the Bubbly Pool, and you’ll find it on Jost Van Dyke, near Foxy’s Taboo Restaurant in Diamond Cay (we recommend Foxy’s Taboo for lunch – try the pepper jack cheeseburger with Mango Chutney).

Virgin Island Bubbly Pool Pirates Paradise AdventuresThe Bubbly Pool is a naturally formed tidal pool that acts like a jacuzzi. The rock formation funnels warm sea water through a very narrow passage to this small, fully enclosed pool. Don’t worry about an undertow, or being pulled out to sea, because the bubbly pool is fully contained and only about 5 feet at its deepest point. When high tide comes in, it gets exciting! When the north swell is up, you’ll watch the rolling sea coming at you full force, and you think the waves will come right over you…but that’s the fun part! The unique rock formation outside the pool will prematurely break the wave, filling the pool with refreshing bubbling water. Stay on your toes, because the water comes in fast at high tide. It’s an awesome sight and an even more incredible, once in a lifetime experience!

To get to the bubbly pool, dock your boat on the east end of Jost Van Dyke at Foxy’s Taboo. You’ll take a short hike on “the goat trail” through mangroves and do some minor rock climbing, so we recommend that you bring shoes! Plan to spend a few hours to get the most of your experience.

The bubbly pool is just one of the many closely guarded secrets of the Virgin Islands. For the best captained day boat charter in the Virgin Islands, click on for a BVI Boat Tour.

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  1. RumShopRyan

    I’ve heard a lot people that thought the bubbly pool was going to be lame and just a little tourist trap, but they ended up having a great time and loving the natural pool.


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