Sandy Spit, British Virgin Islands

Sandy Spit BVI Pirates Paradise AdventuresIt doesn’t sound like much–this little uninhabited island, less than an acre in size, ringed by a stretch of sandy beach and just two coconut palm trees at it’s center–-but Sandy Spit in the British Virgin Islands is the quintessential deserted exotic Caribbean island.  This small stretch of perfect, sugar white sand is surrounded by some of the most amazing coral reefs, which makes for great snorkeling. Sandy Spit has been featured on magazine covers, in movies, and of course, is rumored to be the site of those amazing Corona TV commercials. You’ll see it in every single Kenny Chesney video that features a tiny island. Pirates Paradise Adventures_walking awayIt’s a great place to lay on the beach or snorkel. It’s also the perfect place to take that photo for Facebook—your friends will be incredibly jealous!  What’s truly amazing about Sandy Spit is that while it’s just a tiny, uninhabited island that takes about 60 seconds to walk across, everyone falls in love with it, and wants to come back again and again.  Once you go, you’ll never forget it.  There’s something magical about Sandy Spit in the British Virgin Islands.

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