Salt Island and The RMS Rhone

Salt Island British Virgin Islands Pirates Paradise AdventuresSalt Island was named for its salt ponds, but is more famous for the shipwreck that its home to.  Off Salt Island lies the remains of the RMS Rhone. Once the pride of the Royal Mail Steam Company, she sunk in 1867 during a hurricane after hitting a rock and splitting in half.

diving the Rhone st thomas boat rentalToday, The RMS Rhone rests in three pieces on the floor of Davy Jones’ Locker, and her steel hull has become home to a thriving coral reef, sponges, tropical and colorful fish…even rays. Much of her decking, rigging, steam engine and propeller can easily be seen by snorkelers.  This spot is one of the world’s most famous dive spots, and scenes from the movie “The Deep” were filmed around the RMS Rhone wreckage. She’s been voted the #1 wreck to dive in the Caribbean time and time again.

RMS Rhone British Virgin Islands Pirates Paradise AdventuresThe population of Salt Island hasn’t been more than three people since at least 1980. The residents pay an annual rent to the Queen of the United Kingdom, delivered to the Governor, to occupy this island. The cost? A single one lb. bag of salt!

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