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Where Virgin Islands Boat Rental Means “Arrrrrr ‘N Arrrrrr!” (R&R)
Red Beard at Soggy Dollar Whether it’s your first time to the Virgin Islands or you’ve been here so many times you feel like a local, you’ve come to the right place! Your day on our boats is just that–entirely yours. We don’t have a set itinerary, so each day is totally customized to your desires. Our captains know every deserted beach and sacred snorkeling spot around the Virgin Islands, and are happy to help you plan yer trip with as much, or as little input as you’d like! The key is to maximize your time so you squeeze every perfect moment out of your Virgin Islands Boat Charter day with Pirate’s Paradise Adventures.

So, What Should You Do on Your Virgin Islands Boat Charter? Where Should You Go?

Pirates Paradise Adventures Red Beard on Sandy SpitWell, everyone’s idea of the perfect Virgin Islands Boat Rental day is different, so we’ll work with you personally to create the kind of experience you want to have. Visit some of our world-famous destinations, like The Baths on Virgin Gorda, The Caves on Norman Island, or the Bubbly Pools on Jost Van Dyke. Maybe you’d like to partake in some rum or other adult beverages at our famous (infamous?) beach bars, like Foxy’s in Great Harbour, the Soggy Dollar Bar on White Bay, or the floating BARge, The Willy T?

Soper's Hole British Virgin IslandsIf you already know where you want to go or what you want to do, just tell the captain, and off you’ll go! If you aren’t sure, the captain can suggest some excellent places.

Of course, we have a few recommendations based on past Pirate Adventures (no worries…they’ve surely replenished the rum by now) for your consideration.

BVI Trip – Jost Van Dyke, Sandy Spit, Marina Cay:
After you check-in with the captain and board your Virgin Islands Boat Charter, we’ll start the day with a little sightseeing off the coast of St. John. There’s some great snorkeling along the coast, so you may want to head to Waterlemon Cay and snorkel there. Don’t worry, it may be early in the day, but the water is warm! Sea turtles, rays, colorful schools of fish and coral reefs make for amazing underwater sightseeing, in calm, clear Caribbean waters.Coral fan Snorkeling Virgin Islands Pirates Paradise Adventures After a refreshing dip and some great snorkeling, you’ll head for customs at either Foxy’s on Great Harbor or at Soper’s Hole on the west end of Tortola. It’s a fairly painless process (except the part where you have to dig into your wallet for approx. $30 cash for the customs agent) that the captain will handle for you.

From there, you might consider Sandy Spit, a little slice of Heaven much like the one Captain Jack Sparrow was marooned on in the movie Pirates of the Caribbean! Less than a few hundred yards in size and featuring a single, lonely palm tree, Sandy Spit is surrounded by a fantastic coral reef that is awesome for snorkeling. St Thomas Boat Rental - Red Beard at Sandy SpitThe beach is also the perfect place to soak up some sun or for that killer Facebook photo to make all your friends jealous! This island has been featured in so many commercials, videos and movies, it’s ridiculous! It should probably star in a few of your photos as well!

By now, you’ve probably worked up an appetite. May we suggest a fresh lobster lunch at Sidney’s (they pull them out of the water when you order), a BBQ lunch at Foxy’s (you can eat in your hammock), or lunch on the water with a view to die for at Pusser’s Restaurant at Marina Cay. Ask your captain where the best spot for lunch would be, based on where you are when you get hungry. (They know all the best spots!)

After lunch, you’ll be pretty relaxed from that active morning in the water and your full belly from a delicious lunch. You’ve got a lot of choices here. You can find a great little snorkel spot, a deserted beach, or take an incredible ride over to White Bay, arguably the world’s most beautiful bay. This is the home of the world famous Soggy Dollar Bar, Ivan’s Stress Free Bar and One Love Bar and Grill. Jost Van DykeThere’s usually some live music, a volleyball game in the sand, laughter, and the gentle roll of the waves on the shore. This is also a great place to people watch. Everyone mingles, and no one cares who’s rich, who’s famous, or what brand you’re wearing. Everyone’s here for the same reason–a memorable day in a gorgeous setting. It’s the great equalizer!

Kids Love The Beach Bars, Too!
The islands beach bars are nothing like a “typical” bar back home. The beach bars here consist of thatched roof buildings on sandy beaches, swimming, sunbathing, games, good food, delicious drinks, nice people, laughter, fun conversation and amazing scenery. Everyone is welcome, and almost all are kid-friendly during the day. These are the world’s best beach bars!
So, as the sun sets, you’ll have to say “Adios to Jost” (regards to Kenny Chesney) and make the short, beautiful trip back to St. John to return through U.S. Customs and then the dock where your day started. Try not to cry as the sun begins to set and your perfect day comes to a close.

The Indians snorkel site near Norman IslandBVI Trip – Norman Island, The Caves, Indians:
You’ll meet the boat and check out the coast of St. John, because it’s criminal not to. Stop, snorkel, swim and be amazed that places like this really exist–you won’t believe your eyes! Cruise up the north side of the island to the west end of Tortola and check in through customs at Soper’s Hole. Soper’s is a really colorful little fishing village that is home to Pusser’s Company Store (makers and sellers of Pusser’s Rum). You can dock here and do some shopping if you’d like (the dock master will charge you a few pieces o’ eight to dock), but it’s a really cool place. From there, you’ll motor across the channel to Norman Island, home of The Caves and Indians. Norman Island was the inspiration for the novel “Treasure Island,” and the three caves on the southeastern side of the island are said to hold buried treasure. Each cave is very different, and you can snorkel in all of them.

The Indians British Virgin Islands Pirates Paradise AdventuresThe Indians are just off the coast of Norman Island and are comprised of 4 volcanic outcroppings, towering as high as 40 feet above the sea in some points. Together, the four points look like an old indian headdress, hence the name. The area surrounding the Indians is some of the best snorkeling in the Virgin Islands. There is even an underwater tunnel you can snorkel through! All types of fish, turtles, rays, sometimes sharks, sometimes dolphins, sometimes whales (depending on the time of the year), and the most amazing coral gardens you’ve ever seen! This area can get busy with the cruise ship crowds, so your captain will time it to avoid the mass crowds! You could spend hours here, so it’s great news that two fantastic choices for lunch are literally around the corner! The first option is Pirate’s Bight, the only building on Norman Island. Back in the 1600s, this was a real pirate hideout and the gift shop is located in one of the last standing buildings from that era. Willy T British Virgin Islands The island is privately owned and uninhabited, so the food is brought in by boat daily. The food is great (personal favorite – the chicken roti!) Your second option, and equally as good, is aboard the world famous Willy T.

The Willy T is a 3 story schooner that is anchored just off shore and is famous for its wild afternoon bar crowd. Lunch is usually fairly tame, but it’s always a great time. Don’t forget the obligatory jump off the roof!

After lunch, it’s time to cross the channel and visit White Bay, home of Soggy Dollar, One Love and Ivan’s Stress Free Bar. images-1You’ll have to swim into shore–there’s no dock–but that’s half the fun! When you belly up to the bar at the Soggy Dollar to order your Pain Killer (required that you try one or they won’t let you back again!), you’ll notice all the money hanging from the clothesline to dry in the breeze–everyone’s money is wet from the swim in-hence–the name of the bar! Pull up a chair, a hammock, a volleyball, or just take a relaxing dip in the water and enjoy the vibe. This is the place you’ve dreamed of visiting…and we’re pretty sure you won’t want to leave! After a nice afternoon at White Bay, you’ll make the short ride back to St. John to clear U.S. Customs, and then return to the dock.

BVI Trip – The Baths:
Green Sea Turtles st JohnTruly, The Baths are spectacular, but before you set your heart on a trip to the Baths, there are a few things to consider. The ride to the Baths from St. Thomas or St. John can be a long one, and depending on weather, it can be pretty bumpy. Oh, the captain and the boat will do fine getting there, but if the seas aren’t cooperating, you may not feel too well upon arrival! The trip is usually a solid 45 minutes to an hour, and can be as much as 75 minutes depending on the swells. Because of the distance, it will definitely add to fuel bill. We suggest if the water is calm…go for it! If, however, the swell is up or really windy, you might want to save The Baths for another, calmer day.

sopers hole british virgin islands power boat excursionsAfter you check in and board the boat, you’ll go straight to customs so you can begin your trip to Virgin Gorda. You’ll probably check in at Soper’s Hole, and from there, you’ll head up along the north side of Tortola, up to Virgin Gorda. Take some time to swim up to the Baths and explore this incredible rock formation. You could literally spend all day here–and you can if you want to! You’ll swim from the boat onto the beach at one end of The Baths, and then as you make your way through the boulders you’ll begin to explore the beauty that is The Baths. The rock formations form private pools and provide for an adventurous hike! Be sure to bring deck shoes or water shoes–the rocks can be painful on bare feet! Baths at Virgin GordaThe Baths will require a little agility and athleticism as you’ll be climbing, crawling and twisting your way across rocks, wooden ladders and ropes! When you emerge from the boulders, you will be on another beach. The captain and boat will meet you there.

After an enjoyable morning, we recommend a short ride–about 20-30 minutes depending on weather–to Marina Cay (just off Scrub Island) for a beach front lunch. Complimenting the wonderful food at Pusser’s award winning restaurant on the water is its incredible view. Just across the channel, planes take off and land at the only airport in the area on Beef Island. Sailboats drift by on the bay. A gentle breeze floats across the open air restaurant. This is a meal you’ll never forget!

White Bay from the back of Red Beard Pirates Paradise AdventuresAfter lunch, head on over to White Bay for a swim into shore and a Pain Killer at Soggy Dollar. Play the Ring Game, float in the water, laze the afternoon away in a hammock, or dance in the sand to the sound of the steel drums. By breaking up your return trip with amazing stops along the way, the trip back is a great experience.

After a short ride back from White Bay, you’ll return through U.S. Customs at St. John and back to the dock where you started your day.

USVI Trip–No Passports, No Customs Fee, No Problem!
TRunk Bay St. John USVI Pirates Paradise AdventuresStaying stateside? There’s a lot good about that! Start your day along the western coast of beautiful St. John, taking in one fantastic beach after another. Snorkel the underwater snorkeling trail off Trunk Bay, or head straight to Waterlemon Cay for some of the Virgin Islands best snorkeling! Waterlemon Cay is off the coast of Leinster Bay, and while it’s not a long swim from shore, it’s likely you’ll have the area all to yourself. Here you’ll find Hawksbill turtles, sting rays and an array of marine life, including gorgeous conch shells and stunning coral gardens. After Waterlemon Cay, head for the coast of Great St. James. This is a privately owned island with an unbelievable resort home that you can rent–it’s so big, you’ll think its a hotel! Ask your captain to help you find the cow–seriously–it’s statue of a cow that the caretakers move to a different location on the island nearly every day. Off Great St. James is Christmas Cove, a marine sanctuary with great snorkeling and the nearby beach is very pretty. The views from here are stunning.

St Thomas Boat Rental - Snorkeling with sea turtlesJust around the bend from Great St. James and Christmas Cove is Buck Island, a Green Sea Turtle feeding ground. We can almost guarantee you’ll see turtles at this location–and they are fantastic to see! Buck Island is a National Wildlife Refuge known for being home to some amazing migratory birds, including red-billed tropic birds, frigate birds, terns and laughing gulls. It’s also home to a shipwreck that is easily visible to snorkelers. Shipwrecks become artificial reefs over time, and this one is home to some very exotic sea life!

heidi's honey moon beach water islandWhew! By now, you’re a little tired and definitely hungry. Kick back and relax on the ride to Water Island, the 4th and newest of the U.S. Virgin Islands. Tucked into Charlotte Amalie’s harbor and a stone’s throw from St. Thomas, Water Island is home to Honeymoon Beach, one of the most peaceful, beautiful beaches you’ll ever see. Get ready to get wet, cuz you’re swimming for shore–and it’s worth it! When you get there, relax at a picnic table or on the sand while Heidi grills some of the best burgers under the sun–and some of the most refreshing cocktails in all the Caribbean–we recommend the QAC! Honeymoon Beach Water Island USVI Pirates Paradise AdventuresFrom here, you can see the planes taking off and landing at the St. Thomas airport, but you’ll feel like you’re miles from civilization. One word truly describes Water Island–private! Rows of palm trees sway in the gentle breeze as you relax on a white sugar beach. Just down the beach from Heidi’s is Joe’s, where live music starts around 3-ish most days. It’s the perfect early afternoon location!

After enjoying some well deserved beach time, hop aboard the boat and take a sightseeing tour through Charlotte Amalie Harbor. This is really the best place to see downtown–from the water! The city still uses the old pirate forts and the landscape is dotted with old cannons to keep pirates away. These gorgeous ruins are combined with traditional Caribbean architecture to create a landscape like nowhere else in the world. Virgin Islands Vacation Pirates Paradise Adventures It’s postcard perfect, and absolutely breathtaking.
Finally, you’ll take a short trip back to the dock, where you’ll generously tip your captain for the most memorable day of your life!

Remember, these are just a few sample itineraries that have been past customer favorites…what you do on your private St. Thomas day boat charter is entirely up to you!

To learn more about some of the great places in the Virgin Islands, check out our “blog” section!

Virgin Islands Weather–“Weather” To Go or Not?
Sandy Spit BVI Pirates Paradise AdventuresKeep in mind, the weather is fickle here, so even though it may be raining at the marina, there could be sun and blue skies waiting for you at the next island. Don’t let the weather Apps fool you on your phone – they usually say it’s raining every day! The captains use much more informative resources to really be able to get the full picture and tell you what the weather will be like throughout the day.

If the captain deems the weather to be an issue, meaning it will be really socked in with rain and/or wind, or the seas are too rough, he will cancel the trip and we’ll try to reschedule you for another day. If we can’t, we’ll refund your deposit. If the weather isn’t a concern for you, as long as it is safe to do so, the captain will take you out. Some people believe a “bad day” on the islands is still better than a good day wherever they came from! Who are we to argue?

Cruz Bay St. John USVIThe Virgin Islands are unique in that the islands are very close to each other. You can actually sit in the sun with a drink in your hand on one island while watching a rain cloud pass over other islands. Also, the islands can act as a wind breaker for the islands behind them. This means the water could be calm on one side but rough on the other. Luckily, our captains aren’t just ruggedly handsome, they’re smart, too, and can navigate you to the best possible sea and weather conditions.

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