Norman Island, The Caves and Indians

Norman Island

After clearing customs, head to Norman Island for some amazing scenery and snorkeling. Known the world over as“Treasure Island,” (a favorite among Red Beard and Black Beard’s treasure-hungry crew), Norman Island is believed to have inspired the classic story, “Treasure Island” by Robert Lewis.  Rumor has it that  millions of dollars worth of buried pirate treasure is hidden here, among the rocks and sand.

The Bight at Norman Island offers great snorkeling over the seagrass where turtles eat, or on the reef at the south end of the beach.

The Caves

The Caves Norman Island BVI Pirates Paradise AdventuresAround the lower tip of The Bight on Norman Island, you’ll find The Caves, which are not to be missed! The northernmost cave goes back a good 70 feet into darkness, so if you’ve got a waterproof flashlight and a strong constitution, now’s the time to use both to find the secret markings on the cave walls. Who knows….could be they point to buried treasure (which, if you find, you agree to split equally with your captain–it’s in the contract).  Shine your light on the walls to see the gorgeous purple and rust colors and deep veins in the above water walls. At the back of the cave is a small room….which may be home to pirate’s treasure. The southernmost cave has a rounded rock bottom where you can stand, and a natural skylight makes for good visibility. In all cases, watch for surge so you don’t get thrown against the rocks.

The Indians

The Indians British Virgin Islands Pirates Paradise AdventuresNext stop is Pelican Island, where you’ll find rock formations known as “The Indians.” Check out “The Fish Bowl”on the east side, where you’ll see damsel fish, blue tang, and even colorful flatworms, but ye BEWARE! The Indians are known for strong currents, so ye better be a strong swimmer if you decide to brave the underwater tunnel. This is a very popular spot with the group boats, so the captain will time your visit so you avoid swimming in traffic–there’s nothing worse!

You could literally spend hours exploring this amazing outcropping of 4 rocks; they go as deep as 40 feet down and about 30 feet up, and from a distance, they resemble an Indian head dress; hence, the name! Three rocks are joined together, the fourth is separated by a narrow channel where a myriad of fish, crustaceans, jellyfish and corals make their home. Careful here–there’s a tide between these rocks and you don’t want to get pulled into the walls!

Pirates Bight Norman Island BVI Pirates Paradise AdventuresAfter snorkeling the Caves and Indians, take a quick ride around the corner to Pirate’s Bight Restaurant, the only building on Norman Island, for a delicious lunch of Chicken Roti. The service is a little slow, but the food is great.

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