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Best Beach Bars Virgin Islands

If the Virgin Islands are home to the world’s best beach bars, then Jost Van Dyke is well, the capital city. There are about 30 of the world’s best beach bars on the islands that are, in themselves, legendary. In fact, Foxy’s Tamarind Bar was voted the 3rd best place to spend New Year’s Eve in the world–behind Times Square in New York and Picadilly Circus in London. Everyone’s heard of the most popular bars like Foxy’s and Soggy Dollar, but there are some super cool bars just off the beaten track that shouldn’t be missed.

Bomba's Surfside Shack Virgin IslandsThe first on our list of Best Beach Bars Virgin Islands is Bomba’s Surfside Shack on Little Apple Bay (or Cappoon’s Bay). Bomba is the Full Moon Party King, and Bomba’s is strictly for adults. Bras and panties dangle from the roof, and promises of free t-shirts to any lady that removes her clothing are prominently displayed. Graffiti covers every possible surface, and there’s always music and dancing. The place is literally a shack–no disrespect to Bomba–but its constructed out of whatever washes up on the beach, can be found on the side of the road, or is provided by a guest. The bathroom facilities are definitely lacking–you may prefer a bush or the ocean, but no matter–the place has a charm and a vibe that is undeniable. It’s the best place in the Virgin Islands to surf or watch surfers, and as the sun begins to set, Bomba begins to brew his Mushroom Tea and Bomba punch on the beach. Careful, these are concoctions that may not be legal in other parts of the world, and rumor has it that ‘shroom tea is the secret ingredient Bomba uses to separate the girls from their clothes. Wednesdays and Sundays are usually packed thanks to great live entertainment, but the best thing going here is the people watching–always a great time! Please, leave the kids, and your inhibitions at home.

One Love Bar and Grill Virgin IslandsA much more kick-backed, relaxed kinda place, but still one of the Best Beach Bars Virgin Islands, is One Love Bar and Grill, on the west side of White Bay. White Bay itself is one of the world’s most beautiful bays, and if you can, anchor there overnight. Some folks stay a few hours, some a few weeks. The owner, Seddy Callwood, explains One Love as a state of mind. It’s a little beach bar with a lot of feeling. There are no doors, and everyone’s welcome to come and hang in the shade or on the sand and listen to some of the best reggae music on the island. Seddy himself is a musician–and a magician–and like his father, Foxy, is incredibly interesting and entertaining. The only rule is that everyone treat each other with respect, relax and enjoy, and when the time comes that you have to leave, leave a little piece of yourself, in the form of clothing, behind in the bar. It’s part of the One Love culture and experience.

Ivan's Stress Free Bar and Campground Virgin IslandsThe most laid back of all bars, possibly in the world, is Ivan’s Stress-Free Bar and Campground. Ivan Chinnery, a 7th generation native of Jost Van Dyke, is the founder and friendly host to anyone who wants to stop by or stay. Located on the East end of White Bay, Ivan’s simplicity is the thing that makes it so special. The bar is an honor bar, where you mix your own drinks and keep your own tab. There’s a communal kitchen and Ivan throws a fantastic barbeque every Thursday. Ivan’s is also the home of the Ever Changing All Star International Band, where you never know who’ll be on stage. Ivan plays guitar, and he’s great, but he’s been joined on stage by Keith Richards, Jimmy Buffet and of course, Kenny Chesney. In fact, Kenny Chesney’s hit song “No Shoes, No Shirt, no Problems” was not only based on time spent at Ivan’s, but the video was shot there. You’ll see Ivan playing tambourine in the video. The place is covered in sea shells and is completely eclectic.

So, what’s the common thread between these, the Best Beach Bars Virgin Islands, besides the location? Each is owned and run by a character–Bomba, Seddy and Ivan–and each beach bar is a reflection of their interpretation of the perfect life, the perfect place and the perfect party. No one leaves these places without an indelible mark on their soul. We bet that if you visit, you’ll spend the rest of your days dreaming of the day you can go back.

Best Beach Bars-Jost Van DykeJost Van Dyke Best Beach Bars

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