International Talk Like A Pirate Day – September 19th!

International Talk Like A Pirate Day – September 19th

“Avast ye scallywags! Man the canons or walk the plank!” That certainly sounds more colorful than, “Fire the canons or you’ll be in trouble,” doesn’t it? Well, feel free to talk like a pirate all day, because September 19th is International Talk Like a Pirate Day. No, really…

“International Talk Like A Pirate Day” (ITLAPD) was created by John Bauer and Mark Summers in 1995, who obviously had a little extra time on their hands. They submitted their new “holiday” proclamation to humorist Dave Barry in 2002, who liked the idea so much he promoted it in his nationally syndicated column. In typical pirate form, if you say it’s so…it’s so.

It’s fun to talk like a pirate. The old pirate culture from the Caribbean has been heavily romanticized in books, TV shows and, of course, the overwhelmingly successful movie franchise, Pirates of the Caribbean, staring Johnny Depp. The whole pirate theme is colorful, adventurous, mischievous….and I think everyone would like to think there is a little “pirate” in them.” My family and I are heavily entrenched in the pirate culture with our company, Pirate’s Paradise Adventures. We use the pirate theme as a brand.

We take vacationers on power boat tours through the USVI and BVIs – essentially tracing the routes of pirates years ago. One of the favorite stops we make is to Norman Island in the BVIs. Norman Island is regarded as being the inspiration to Robert Louis Steven’s Treasure Island novel. On Norman Island, there is a little restaurant called Pirate’s Bight, as well as a floating ‘Pirate ship’ bar and restaurant called the Willy T. Just outside the bay is a favorite snorkeling spot called the Caves – three sea caves you can swim into that are rumored to have hidden treasure in them.

Here Are A Few Tips On Talking Like a Pirate…

1. Speak from the back of your throat to make it sound more coarse. (Drinking a bottle of rum also helps)
2. Replace the word “my” with “me” – “Me sword is stuck in that lilly-levered bilge rat’s back.”
3. Replace the word “you”, with “ye” – “Ye haven’t seen where the wench hid the rum, have ye?”
Squint one eye when you talk…it works, I don’t know why.
Use colorful, descriptive words – Instead of, “I’ll see you tomorrow” try, “You’ll see me presence as the sun rises over the bow of the ship, one moon from now”
4. Say “ARRR,” repeatedly.

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