The Virgin Islands Hook Bracelet–the VI’s version of a wedding band!

Virgin Islands Hook Bracelet

Every part of the world has something special that mentally takes you back to that place. For the Virgin Islands, its usually pirates, rum, white sandy beaches and buried treasure…but residents and frequent visitors know the secret significance of the area’s signature piece of jewelry–the Virgin Islands Hook Bracelet.

The hook bracelet has a unique and simple design. Usually, it’s a beautiful gold or silver hook that slips into a hole created by a wrapped wire, which looks like gold or silver fishing line, to catch the hook– thus the name.

Shannon Sterling’s original legend of the hook bracelet as found her site  is as beautiful as the bracelets themselves. According to her story,long ago on the island of St. Croix, a beautiful young girl fell desperately in love with a sailor, and they planned to marry. She wanted to present her husband-to-be with a wedding gift that would signify their deep and unending love, but wedding rings–or access to them on a scarcely populated Virgin Island–were not an option. So, she raided his tackle box for fishing hooks and heavy leader and began to create. She snipped and smoothed the hooks, wrapped and braided the wire, and the first Hook bracelet was born. She made two,and on their wedding day, they clasped the bracelets around each other’s wrist with the open hook facing toward their hearts. They did this to signify that they were “hooked” to each other in love, and the tradition continues today.

If the open hook is worn facing the heart, it means you are lucky enough to have found your true love. If it is worn with the open hook away from the heart, good fortune will smile on “your every cast” and one day, you are sure to reel in true love.

The signature hook bracelet style is still the most popular among locals and tourists alike, yet there are more than 30 different Hook bracelet designs, each signifying different things. Some of the Hook bracelets are designed to commemorate storms that were devastating to the islands, like Hugo and Lenny. Local celebrities, like country artist Kenny Chesney, wears a hook bracelet to bring love and luck his way.Kenny Chesney wears hook bracelet from Virgin Islands

While hook bracelets are available on line, we highly recommend buying yours when you’re actually “on island.” The Hook bracelet should be personally sized for you, and it will have more meaning for you when you meet the artist and personally select your design. Custom made hook bracelets are available at local jewelry shops. Many shops on the island offer a variety of sizes and diameter length, so finding the perfect fit is never a problem. The Hook Bracelet is for both men and women, and is popular among couples who want to pledge their love to one another.

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16 Responses to The Virgin Islands Hook Bracelet–the VI’s version of a wedding band!

  1. sue

    Is sonja still the only place to get one?

    • admin

      No…Sonja was the original., but there are a number of places on St. Thomas, St. John and St. Croix. We do have it on good authority that Kenny Chesney’s was made for him by Sonja!

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  3. RumShopRyan

    Just got one yesterday from Bamboo Studio on STJ. Didn’t know the true story behind them till I just read your post. Thanks guys! I’m coming back down to STT this January to do another Bolongo Bay Winter Beach Bash, hope to see you there again! Cheers!

    • admin

      We’ll probably be there in Jan as well! Hope to see you then!

  4. Samantha Zundel

    I have many and my kids have several! We love ours. You can buy them all over the island of St. Thomas. Check around because the prices are meant to be bargained. Plus, what the bracelets are made out of differs greatly. We have a studio condo vacation rental if you are interested in an inexpensive vacation to get your hook!

    • Lisa McKay

      Would love more details on your condo? Where do you fly into to get to the island, cost per week, what items would we need to bring for the condo, etc.. Do you have specific times that your rent it? It would be for just 2 adults early 50’s.
      Thanks, Lisa

      • admin

        Hi Lisa,

        We don’t have a condo, but we recommend you contact Caryl Ford at Sapphire Beach. Her email address is She represents tons of condos and can help!

  5. wendy

    I just received a hook ring from my boyfriend for valentines day. We were on vacation in St. Thomas. He got it at the jewerly store in Red Hook. It is absolutely gorgeous!

  6. AnnMarie Pardo de Zela

    Received a hook bracelet from my boyfriend (now husband) 6 years ago for valentines days. On our wedding day two years ago we got matching hook wedding rings from Sonja. My husband was born and raised in St. Croix, so beautiful absolutely gorgeous. Everytime
    I look at our rings or bracelet I can just feel all the love we have for each other!

  7. Debbie

    Just got one this week while visiting St John, we got ours at St John Bracelet Co. not to far from where the ferry is. You will be fitted perfectly for your new jewelry.
    “The Treasures of your heart are expressed with your island hook. Open end towards the heart holds love in its nook, If your love has yet to take ground, Turn the hook away from your heart to let love be found”

  8. Maria

    Just received a hook bracelet from a very special friend who just returned from vacation. He has the same bracelet and I read the story. Even without reading it I read it with the hook turn towards my heart hopefully he noticed that also. St.Croix hooLove story behind this bracelet is wonderful. Will go to St. Cruix one day.

  9. carin

    I w as there this march for my 70th BD. I ended up buying 6 hook bracelets. For my daughters and granddaughters

  10. Donald Henderson

    My wife and I will be taking a Cruise in the first week of March 2016 . We will be docking in St Thomas. I am looking to get us a matching of hook bracelets for our 25th wedding anniversary silver and gold . Any recommendations you can email me at

  11. Tanya

    I am “hooked” on these bracelets! Have been there numerous times and always have to get at least one or two more while on Island! I’m partial to the iguana/lizard bracelets… Currently wearing four hook bracelets, and one hook ring. Have another hook bracelet at home that broke though… my daughter has 4 bracelets… and I try to get a couple of other unique pieces each time… now it’s time to start rotating them as I continue to add to my collection!

  12. Wayne

    Bought my bracelet about 27 years ago and I’m still wearing it. It’s fun to find other people with them it always starts up a conversation, and great memories.

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