Swim With Dolphins In The Virgin Islands

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Swim With Dolphins In The Virgin Islands As owners of Pirate’s Paradise Adventures, funny enough, we rarely get to spend time on the boats because they’re usually busy with guests, but on Saturday, January 21st (2012), we grabbed our captain and his wife and spent the day enjoying the Virgin Islands aboard Red Beard. The […]

Virgin Islands Boat Charter–Clearing Customs in the BVI

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Virgin Islands Boat Charter Clearing Customs in the British Virgin Islands One of the reasons the British Virgin Islands are still beautifully unspoiled and free of crowds is that there are no direct flights to the the main airport, on Beef Island, just off Tortola (airport code EIS). Any flight to the area connects through […]

Camping In The Virgin Islands

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Camping in the Virgin Islands

Camping In The Virgin Islands When you think of a tropical vacation in the Virgin Islands, you probably think about exotic resorts, palm trees and tropical drinks with little umbrellas in them. You’d be right, but there’s a side of the Virgin Islands that most people don’t even know exists–and it comes with palm trees, gentle […]

Best Day Boat Charter For Physically Impaired

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Pirates Paradise Adventures Red Beard on Sandy Spit

Best Day Boat Charter For Physically Impaired Most people don’t realize that over sixty stunning islands make up the U.S. and British Virgin Islands and all are within a few minutes of each other by powerboat. Calm, waveless waters, colorful corals and tropical fish, endless blue sky and the sun’s warmth make the Virgin Islands […]

The Virgin Islands Hook Bracelet–the VI’s version of a wedding band!

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Hook Bracelet from Virgin Islands

Virgin Islands Hook Bracelet Every part of the world has something special that mentally takes you back to that place. For the Virgin Islands, its usually pirates, rum, white sandy beaches and buried treasure…but residents and frequent visitors know the secret significance of the area’s signature piece of jewelry–the Virgin Islands Hook Bracelet. The hook […]

Virgin Islands Rum-Yo Ho & a Bunch O’ Bottles O’ Rum

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Cruzan Rum bottles St Croix

Virgin Islands Rum Pristine beaches, pearl white sand, blue and turquoise waters, great snorkeling, historic buildings and ruins, nature trails, exotic food and RUM! That’s what you think of when you imagine the virgin Islands, but did you know that RUM is our biggest export? We’re not talking repackaged bottles shipped in from elsewhere and […]

Seasickness – 5 Great Ways to Avoid Heaving Ho!

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Seasickness Seasickness is motion sickness when traveling on water. It happens when the brain is confused about the movement of your surroundings – with the help of the waves and the strong winds. If you’re concerned that seasickness will ruin your Virgin Islands boat charter, here are some tips the will help you prevent it. […]

Mocko Jumbies – The Colorful Spirits of the Virgin Islands

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Mocko Jumbie

Mocko Jumbies of the Virgin Islands Festivals in the Virgin Islands are always grand and exotic, a reflection of this idyllic tourist destination, rich culture and colorful history. But festivities in the Virgin Islands aren’t complete without the Mocko Jumbie – performers wearing long and colorful dresses while on stilts. Get to know more about […]

Virgin Islands Celebrities

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Kenny Chesney wears hook bracelet from Virgin Islands

Virgin Islands Celebrities…who’s next to you on that barstool? The Virgin Islands are so unassuming….beautiful, easy, simple. Perhaps that’s what draws the world’s rich and famous–the guarantee of a simple life in a gorgeous place where you can “be as you are.” In the Virgin Islands, celebrities are as common as palm trees swaying in […]

Virgin Islands-The Perfect Place for Your Family Vacation!

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Virgin Islands Vacation You want to relax and unwind. The kids want action and adventure. You want a deserted beach with a gentle breeze through swaying palms. They want a beach party with steel drums, lots of friends and water sports. You want to travel to exotic places and experience the local culture. They want […]