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Soper’s Hole, British Virgin Islands

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Soper's Hole British Virgin Islands

Soper’s Hole is a gorgeous little on-water village that’s home to Pusser’s Bar and Restaurant—with some of Tortola’s best food—and a fully stocked Pusser’s Company Store on Tortola’s west end. This is a great place to clear customs into the BVI.  You can pick up a few souvenirs…including a bottle of Pusser’s Rum to take […]

Coki Beach, St. Thomas USVI

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Coki Beach St. Thomas US Virgin Islands

If you’re after world class snorkeling, set sail for Coki Beach on St Thomas in the U.S. Virgin Islands. At Coki Beach, the water is teeming with tropical fish, a soft sandy bottom and gorgeous reefs, thanks to its proximity to Coral World, a marine life theme park featuring underwater observatories and educational exhibits. Coki […]

Magen’s Bay, St. Thomas USVI

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Magen's Bay St. Thomas Virgin Islands

Magen’s Bay, St. Thomas USVI Magen’s Bay Beach has been voted over and over again as one of the world’s top ten most beautiful beaches, offering a half mile loop of soft white, pebble-free sand, calm waters and a beautiful view of the mountains that protect this bay from erosion and strong waves. Magen’s Bay […]

Sandy Spit, British Virgin Islands

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Sandy Spit clouds British Virgin Islands

It doesn’t sound like much–this little uninhabited island, less than an acre in size, ringed by a stretch of sandy beach and just two coconut palm trees at it’s center–-but Sandy Spit in the British Virgin Islands is the quintessential deserted exotic Caribbean island.  This small stretch of perfect, sugar white sand is surrounded by […]

Norman Island, The Caves and Indians

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Norman Island The Caves British Virgin Islands

Norman Island After clearing customs, head to Norman Island for some amazing scenery and snorkeling. Known the world over as“Treasure Island,” (a favorite among Red Beard and Black Beard’s treasure-hungry crew), Norman Island is believed to have inspired the classic story, “Treasure Island” by Robert Lewis.  Rumor has it that  millions of dollars worth of […]

Soggy Dollar Bar, British Virgin Islands

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Painkiller Club Soggy Dollar Bar Jost Van Dyke Pirates Paradise Adventures

Located about dead center of White Bay on Jost Van Dyke is the world famous Soggy Dollar Bar. It’s called the Soggy Dollar because most people arrive by boat, and there’s no dock, so you’re swimming in. Don’t forget to load your pockets with some cash to try the world’s best conch fritters, chicken roti, […]

Foxy’s Taboo & The Bubbly Pool, British Virgin Islands

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Foxy Callwood Jost Van Dyke

Foxy’s Taboo If yer heading for British waters, where the world’s best beach bars rest on the world’s best beaches, a visit to Foxy’s Taboo Restaurant at Diamond Cay in Jost Van Dyke is a must.  From here, you’ve got a killer view of Sandy Spit. The restaurant specializes in Mediterranean fare and fabulous seafood […]

Foxy’s Bar, British Virgin Islands

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Foxy's 3

Words can never capture the essence that is Foxy’s or the experience you’ll have when you go.  Foxy’s is the Caribbean’s most famous beach bar, decorated with t-shirts, license plates, business cards, flags, whatever–everyone leaves a little piece of themselves at Foxy’s, and takes a little piece of Foxy’s home with them.  Hammocks surround the […]

One Love Bar & Grill, British Virgin Islands

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One Love Bar and Grill British Virgin Islands

One Love Bar & Grill You might choose to stop at One Love Bar & Grill, on the western edge of White Bay. Owned and run by master magician Seddy Callwood (and Foxy’s son), this bar is open all day, and closes when the sun goes down! Seddy pours a mean drink (ye beware!), pulls […]

Willy T

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Willy T British Virgin Islands

Want to walk on the wild side? Then the Willy T Bar is what you’re looking for.  Definitely rated “ARRRRRGGGGGHHH,” (that’s Pirate speak for “R”) meaning it best to keep the kids away, you might consider ending your day at the Willy T Bar in Bight Harbor off Norman Island.  The Willy T Bar is […]