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Love St. John, USVI? Thank Laurance Rockefeller.

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Laurance Rockefeller on St. John

St. John, USVI If you haven’t been lucky enough to visit St John in the U.S. Virgin Islands, you’ve definitely seen it on magazine covers. Trunk Bay on the west side of St. John is one of the most photographed beaches in the world. It’s known for its unparalleled beauty, which is surprisingly undisturbed and […]

Mocko Jumbies – The Colorful Spirits of the Virgin Islands

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Mocko Jumbie

Mocko Jumbies of the Virgin Islands Festivals in the Virgin Islands are always grand and exotic, a reflection of this idyllic tourist destination, rich culture and colorful history. But festivities in the Virgin Islands aren’t complete without the Mocko Jumbie – performers wearing long and colorful dresses while on stilts. Get to know more about […]

Trunk Bay, St. John U.S. Virgin Islands

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Trunk Bay Virgin Islands St. john

Words don’t describe the beauty of Trunk Bay When you round the corner on the west side of the island and first gaze upon it from the road above, it absolutely gives you chills. In a word, it’s unbelievable. The National Geographic Society calls Trunk Bay the most beautiful beach in the world. The scenery […]

Soggy Dollar Bar – White Bay, Jost Van Dyke, BVI

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Soggy Dollar Bar One of the things that the Virgin Islands are most famous for is fantastic beach bars…and at the top of that list is the Soggy Dollar Bar on White Bay in Jost Van Dyke, BVI. Soggy Dollar Webcam When most people think of going to a bar, it’s to get a drink–right? […]

Fun Things To Do In St. John U.S. Virgin Islands

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st john boat rentals - trunk bay st john USVI

St. John, USVI is an absolutely beautiful place. With most of the island preserved as National Park Land, everywhere you look could be on a postcard or calendar. The beaches, with their white sand and crystal clear water are a must see, but so are the sugar mill ruins and the cool restaurants and shops […]

See The Bubbly Pool On Your Virgin Islands Boat Tour!

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Bubbly Pool British Virgin Islands

The Virgin Islands have a lot to offer, but if you want to go beyond the tourist area, visit the Bubbly Pools on your St. John Boat Rental.

BVI Boat Rental From St. John USVI

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st john boat rentals - trunk bay st john USVI

St. John in the U.S. Virgin Islands is an absolutely beautiful island, but did you know that you can visit many other Virgin Islands on a St. John boat Rental Trip?