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One Love Bar & Grill, British Virgin Islands

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One Love Bar and Grill British Virgin Islands

One Love Bar & Grill You might choose to stop at One Love Bar & Grill, on the western edge of White Bay. Owned and run by master magician Seddy Callwood (and Foxy’s son), this bar is open all day, and closes when the sun goes down! Seddy pours a mean drink (ye beware!), pulls […]

Willy T

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Willy T British Virgin Islands

Want to walk on the wild side? Then the Willy T Bar is what you’re looking for.  Definitely rated “ARRRRRGGGGGHHH,” (that’s Pirate speak for “R”) meaning it best to keep the kids away, you might consider ending your day at the Willy T Bar in Bight Harbor off Norman Island.  The Willy T Bar is […]

Saba Rock – Island Paradise!

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Saba Rock British Virgin Islands

Saba Rock The waters of North Sound, Virgin Gorda in the British Virgin Islands epitomize tranquility. Add lush green hills and pristine white beaches as the backdrop, and you have yourself a perfect tropical paradise. Now, add a fantastic bar and restaurant–Saba Rock–and you’ve got heaven on a map. What’s so great about Saba Rock? […]

If you’re gonna party–go big at Bomba’s Surfside Shack

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Bomba's Surf Shack

Bomba’s Surfside Shack A lot of beach bars on Tortola hold Full Moon Parties, but Bomba’s Surfside Shack at the West End of Cappoons Bay is the mother of all full moon parties in the entire British Virgin Islands. The celebration is notorious in part, thanks to the shack’s wild and unsheltered ambience, but the […]

7 Of Our Favorite British Virgin Islands Destinations…& Why!

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Tortola beach British Virgin Islands

Best British Virgin Islands The British Virgin Islands are blessed with around 60 tropical Caribbean Islands, but only 15 of them are inhabited. No matter what’s on your agenda–be it snorkeling, beach bumming, hiking, or power boating with Pirate’s Paradise Adventures–you’re guaranteed a great time in the British Virgin Isalnds. Here are 7 of our […]

St. Thomas Nightlife

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St Thomas Harbor at night

St. Thomas Nightlife The party in St. Thomas never stops! As the sun sinks into the Caribbean sea and the boats are docked for the night, a new kind of fun begins! The transition from swim suits to evening wear isn’t a big one; St. Thomas Nightlife is always casual. Throw on some shorts and […]

Five Great British Virgin Islands

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British Virgin Islands Pirates Paradise Adventures

British Virgin Islands The British Virgin Islands have long been a favorite destination for sun worshippers from all corners of the world. Blessed with about 60 very different tropical Caribbean islands (of which only about 15 are inhabited) this humming archipelago offers a huge variety of fun and exciting activities–all involving sun, sand, and azure […]

Guana Island-A Slice of Paradise

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Guana Island Virgin Islands

Guana Island Looking for a place that separates you from the real world? A virtual paradise so serene, the only noise you hear is the chorus created by chirping birds, gentle waves and the sea breeze? Guana Island, in the British Virgin Islands, is that slice of paradise. Guana Island is a privately owned sanctuary […]

Virgin Islands Carnival–Music, Dancers and a Great Party!

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Virgin Islands Carnival Dancer

Virgin Islands Carnival Once a year, the sound of intoxicating steel drums, colorful dancers, mocko jumbies, fireworks, and the barrage of tourists fill the streets of the US Virgin Islands. It’s these times of the year when people from all walks of life and all ages come together and enjoy each other’s company through music, […]

Jost Van Dyke, British Virgin Islands

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White Bay Jost Van Dyke

Jost Van Dyke Jost Van Dyke (pronounced Yost Van Dyke) is one of sixty tropical islands that make up the British Virgin Islands in the Caribbean (only 8 of these islands are actually inhabited). While one of the most famous Virgin Islands, this small mountainous island measures only about 10 square miles and has only […]