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Local, Delicious Virgin Islands Cuisine

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Virgin Islands Cuisine 2

Virgin Islands Cuisine The Virgin Islands are famous for spectacular and beautiful islands gifted with emerald green hillsides, intense white sand, pastel blue skies and turquoise water. Another benefit of these little dotted specks in the Caribbean map that might not immediately come to mind–the exotic and delicious Virgin Islands cuisine. Because of it’s colorful […]

St John Boat Rental-7 Simple Ways To Beat Seasickness

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Virgin Islands palm tree on beach

7 Simple Ways To Beat Seasickness Your Virgin Islands vacation is almost here….what better way to make the most of this time in paradise than to spend it visiting a variety of lush tropical islands with your family and friends. You’re probably planning some sun worshipping on our stunning Caribbean beaches, with their soft white […]

Sea Turtles off Buck Island

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Turtle Swimming in the Virgin Islands Pirates Paradise Adventures

Sea Turtles off Buck Island When we recently launched our second boat, Black Beard, we scheduled a photo shoot so we could bring you photos of her in her “new” natural habitat–the gorgeous Virgin Islands. Personally, my favorite thing about those photo shoots is the “staging” time when the photographer is getting the boat and […]

St. Thomas, USVI-The Most Beautiful Place In The World

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St Thomas Harbor U.S. Virgin Islands

St. Thomas–The Most Beautiful Place In The World As co-owner of Pirate’s Paradise Adventures, I’m embarrassed to say, in the dozens of times we’ve been on St. Thomas, USVI, we had never cruised through the St. Thomas harbor on one of our boats, Red Beard or Black Beard. What a mistake. When we put Black […]

3 Things Not To Miss When Visiting the Caribbean

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Beautiful Caribbean

There are a million things not to miss when visiting the Caribbean–truly, it’s a magical place. Most people don’t realize that the Caribbean is really a chain of over 7,000 very diverse islands, and different countries. The Bahamas, Turks & Caicos, Puerto Rico, the Windward Islands, and of course, the Virgin Islands, are just a […]

From Yo-Ho To Yum, Virgin Islands Cuisine Has It All!

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Virgin Islands Chicken Roti

Virgin Islands Cuisine The Virgin Islands are among the most visited tropical paradise in the world, known for sugar white sand beaches, warm crystal clear blue and turquoise waters, lovely anchorages, the laid back island feel and their rich history and culture. Did you know though, that the Virgin Islands is also famous for its […]

Trunk Bay–The World’s Most Beautiful Bay

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Trunk Bay St. John Virgin Islands

Trunk Bay, St. John, USVI Some people say that Trunk Bay is the world’s most beautiful bay, and we must agree. It’s been photographed millions of times, but truthfully, there’s no comparison to seeing it in person. Put it on your bucket list–it’s absolutely stunning.Trunk Bay St John USVI Trunk Bay has been voted a […]

Swim With Dolphins In The Virgin Islands

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Swim With Dolphins In The Virgin Islands As owners of Pirate’s Paradise Adventures, funny enough, we rarely get to spend time on the boats because they’re usually busy with guests, but on Saturday, January 21st (2012), we grabbed our captain and his wife and spent the day enjoying the Virgin Islands aboard Red Beard. The […]

Jost Van Dyke-Best Beach Bars Virgin Islands

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Best Beach Bars Jost Van Dyke Virgin Islands

Best Beach Bars Virgin Islands If the Virgin Islands are home to the world’s best beach bars, then Jost Van Dyke is well, the capital city. There are about 30 of the world’s best beach bars on the islands that are, in themselves, legendary. In fact, Foxy’s Tamarind Bar was voted the 3rd best place […]

Best Beach Bars–Virgin Islands Beach Bars

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Foxy's Beach Bar Tortola

Virgin Islands Beach Bars There’s a lot of great things to do and see in the Virgin Islands, but locals and tourists alike agree that the area’s favorite past time is hanging out at Virgin Islands beach bars. It’s not because everyone there is a lush, it’s because Virgin Islands beach bars are the coolest, […]