Best Virgin Islands Boat Rental For The Physically Challenged

Virgin Islands waves on beach>Ahh..the Virgin Islands. Warm, tropical waters, stunning corals and fish, gentle breezes and the warm Caribbean sun make the Virgin Islands the perfect place to swim, snorkel and relax. What you might not know is that the Virgin Islands have more than sixty stunning islands, and most within a short ride of each other by powerboat. Some people though, never venture further than the beach outside their resort because physical limitations stop them from joining friends and family on a day boat charter to visit other surrounding islands.

Physical ailments like a bad back, extra weight or issues associated with aging can keep anyone from being able to board, ride and enjoy a day boat charter trip in the Virgin Islands. It’s true that boating requires a certain level of physical ability, but the best Virgin Islands boat rental company, Pirates Paradise Adventures, is making it possible–and fun–for people with physical limitations to be able to enjoy the beauty of the islands.

What makes the best Virgin Islands Boat Rental company Pirate’s Paradise Adventures so different–and the only real choice for anyone with a physical ailment–is the layout of their 32 foot vessel, Red Beard. For starters, every seat on our boat is fully upholstered and ergonomically friendly. There are even forward facing chaise lounge seats, where passengers can put up their feet and lean back on fully upholstered seating to support lower back, hips, knees and feet. There’s even shaded chaise lounge seating should you choose to stay out of the direct sun.
The boat also feature an open step that is almost level with the dock for easy entry and exit. No need to throw your leg over the side of the boat or climb across the seats. On Red Beard you simply step on the rear deck and walk into or off the boat, with no climbing. Red Beard is also a little wider than most boats, improving stability on the water for a more comfortable ride and at the dock for easier on and off.

Getting in and out of the water is much easier as well. Red Beard features a swim step where you can sit comfortably and put on your snorkel gear and then gently drop into the water. When its time to come back onto the boat, a very sturdy ladder and built-in hand holds support your weight, offering a much easier and fluid exit from the water. In addition, both boats have a restroom, coolers, sink, freshwater shower and iPod ready stereo, so when everyone is comfortably seated, the fun begins!
If you’re planning a visit to the Virgin Islands with family or friends that have some physical challenges, do research on the kind of boats available so that everyone is safe and comfortable on their Virgin Islands Boat Rental. The worst thing you can do, besides missing the chance to see this stunning collection of islands, is to choose a Virgin Islands boat rental company that doesn’t cater to the needs of your group.

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