Best BVI Beach Bars and Resorts – Saba Rock

Saba Rock British Virgin IslandsThe British Virgin Islands epitomize tranquility. Add lush green hills, blue skies and pristine white beaches as the backdrop, and you’ve found a tropical paradise. Now….you just need the perfect beach bar, where you can relax and watch the world go by. You’ll find it at Saba Rock!

Saba Rock is one of the world’s most unique places, hands down. An equal part resort, boat marina, restaurant and bar, this totally unique place is perched precariously atop a tiny island that’s less than an acre in size at low tide. Saba Rock Resort and Lounge is only accessible by boat….and we like it like that!

Originally owned by Bert Kilbride (the Caribbean’s most legendary diver) as his private home, Saba Rock was purchased in 2009 and turned into a world class resort, with just 8 suites for it’s lucky few guests. At the resort’s center is it’s world famous bar.

Saba Rock British Virgin IslandsSaba Rock Bar was built out over the water with a grand view of the bay and the ocean serving as a natural soundtrack. There’s not a bad seat in the house! Lounge furniture dots the water’s edge, which makes a great setting for some limin’ with friends over a cold drink. The centerpiece of the lounge is the giant dark wooden bar that looks like something out of a 50’s pub. Outdoors, hammocks line the shore and windsurfers and kayakers come and go with the breeze. Because of its remote location, there’s a great blend of people–and most arrive and depart via boat–you never know who you’re hanging with!

The cocktail menu is made up of traditional Virgin Islands favorites like Painkillers, Bushwhackers, Rum Punches, and Coco Locos. These cool, frothy concoctions and a flawless view are an excellent combination and a great way to end the day! Get to the bar by 5pm and watch the staff feed the fish–it’s a blast!

Saba Rock British Virgin IslandsAs remote as this little island bar may be, they’re serious about their cocktails and offer a surprisingly wide rum selection. Mount Gay XO, Zacapa 23, Appleton, Abuelo and everything from the Cruzan distilleries dot the shelves, but the crown jewel is their own signature line of Saba Rock Gold Rums. Take a bottle back to civilization with you as a souvenir!

Saba Rock even has its own nautical museum, featuring shipwreck artifacts accumulated by the previous owner, Bert Kilbride, on his many excursions discovering about 90 shipwrecks in the British Virgin Islands. You’ll find artifacts from the RMS Rhone, buried treasure and jewels, and a wild collection of boat parts!

Saba Rock is so unique, and the experience of being there is almost indescribable. Spend a day, a week, a year….a lifetime…at Saba Rock!

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