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Pirate’s Paradise Adventures

Pirate’s Paradise Adventures is a family owned St Thomas boat rental business that started as a “pipe dream” about 10 years ago. As parents, we longed for the day we could leave our traffic and smog infested city, stress filled jobs we hated, and find a place where we could actually enjoy life with our kids. Like a lot of people, we told ourselves “someday, we’ll get out of the rat race and start a boat charter business….”
And then we did it!

As we thought more and more about our dream, we realized what made us happiest was the time spent with our kids, making memories, and we figured we weren’t so different from every other family that cherished their very limited time together. So, we decided not to wait. We took the kids, every dime we had (and some we didn’t – thank you credit cards!) and started searching the world for the perfect place to start Pirate’s Paradise Adventures!

Our search took us from the Hawaiian Islands to Mexico, the Bahamas, Aruba, Curacao, Grenada, Barbados, St. Lucia, St. Martin, and finally, Tortola. When we cruised the Virgin Islands, we immediately knew this was the home of Pirate’s Paradise Adventures!

Why a Virgin Islands Boat Rental Company?

Black Beard @ Pussers Pirates paradise adventuresWhat made the Virgin Islands so perfect for Pirate’s Paradise Adventures wasn’t just the gorgeous beaches (each one more incredible than the last), the tropical landscapes, the great snorkeling and scuba diving, or the gentle breezes that never stop–it was all of those things!  There’s nowhere in the world like the Virgin Islands. Just a stone’s throw apart but a world away, they are home to some of the most gorgeous scenery anywhere. The best part, hands now, is the people of the Virgin Islands. They seem to have figured out what most people never do–what matters most in life is the time you spend together, making memories, and enjoying yourself–not things, but experiences. No worries, no stress, time to enjoy life and each other makes for a happy existence–especially in paradise.

The Birth of Pirate’s Paradise Adventures!

flippin for the islandsSo, we took the plunge to live our dream. Our flagship vessel, Red Beard, and her sister ship, Black Beard, were carefully selected to provide our St Thomas Boat Rental guests with the best experience possible. In total comfort and with the hottest boats on the water, you can explore St Thomas, Tortola, St John, Jost Van Dyke, The Baths, The Caves, deserted beaches and of course, great bars like the Willy T, Foxy’s, Soggy Dollar, One Love, Ivan’s Stress Free Bar, Bomba Shack and Foxy’s Taboo! Our clients tell us the days they spend aboard our boats in the islands are some of the best days of their lives. We hope you enjoy your Pirate’s Paradise Adventures!

Enjoy Exploring The Virgin Islands With Pirate’s Paradise Adventures!
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