St John Boat Rental-7 Simple Ways To Beat Seasickness

7 Simple Ways To Beat Seasickness

Virgin Islands Pirates Paradise Adventures 5Your Virgin Islands vacation is almost here….what better way to make the most of this time in paradise than to spend it visiting a variety of lush tropical islands with your family and friends. You’re probably planning some sun worshipping on our stunning Caribbean beaches, with their soft white sand, or cruising the islands on a luxurious powerboat, snorkeling the many reefs while you’re at it. If you’re worried that seasickness might ruin your day on the water, fear not. We’ve got some easy ways to ensure a great “on water” experience!

Seasickness happens when the equilibrium sensors in the ears receive conflicting signals from the environment. In other words, when the sea’s buoyancy is rocking the boat, your brain gets confused. When it does, it sends an alarm signal that messes up the body’s digestion process. Thus, nausea, vertigo, and of course, vomiting can ensue.

Prevention is always better than cure. If seasickness has hit you in the past, then heed these simple tips.

1. Eat light before boarding the boat. An empty stomach or a full one boosts your chances of getting seasick.

2. Be rested. Exhaustion is a trigger for motion sickness. Getting a good amount of rest the night prior to boating lessens its probability of joining you in your trip.

3. Avoid alcohol and coffee prior to boarding. Alcohol and coffee are two of the known accomplices of seasickness, best avoid them before and after your sea trip.

Pirates Paradise Adventures_Stern4. Find a focal point on the horizon. Get your senses and surroundings in harmony. When the eyes see differently from what the ears are hearing and what the body is feeling, the brain gets excited — a confused excitement. Fix your gaze at the horizon in front of you to get all your senses in sync. Here’s a pro tip–don’t look backwards, and never go below deck.

5. Stay hydrated. Always take quick seasickness relief with you. By simply staying hydrated, you can reduce motion sickness significantly. Always carry a water bottle or a sports drink. Other seasickness relief you may want to take along are acupressure bands and ginger. They help prevent motion sickness and remedies nausea, respectively.

6. Don’t forget your meds. Dramamine is an extremely effective over the counter medication to help ease seasickness. The downside of it, though, is that it can make you drowsy, so check with your pharmacy to ensure you get the non-drowsy version. A patch version is also available. You simply wear it behind the ear to arrest the triggers for seasickness, however, the patch is available only by prescription.

7. Don’t think about it. Thinking constantly about getting sick at sea pretty much ensures that you will. Just put it out of your mind. Also, it also wouldn’t hurt to do simple deep breathing exercises, which are very effective in calming the body and mind.

Black Beard front facing seats off Buck IslandMost people tell us the best day of their vacation is the day they spend aboard our boats, cruising these gorgeous islands. Seasickness is really pretty easy to beat–so don’t let it stop you from having the experience of a lifetime!

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